How to Become a Substitute with the Huntsville City Schools

Instructions for Applying to be a Substitute Teacher for Huntsville City Schools (HCS):

Before applying, you should gather the following information/documents:

  • High school/college transcripts (as applicable)
  • Teaching certificate (if available)
  • References will be requested as part of the application process
  • Optional: Resume

Note: You do NOT need to obtain your Alabama Substitute License or background check before applying. If selected to substitute at Huntsville City Schools, you will be required to obtain these prior to beginning substitute teaching.

  • Once you have all of the required documentation, proceed to the TeachinAlabama Website – http://www.alsde.edu/
  • On the right-hand side, click "Teaching in Alabama/Teacher Certification" (top blue rectangle on the right). 
  • Click on "Click Here" for access to Teaching in Alabama website under yellow bar. 
  • On the next screen, click in the box that says "Employment" on the upper right-hand side and follow the directions from there, clicking on the blue oval "Teach in Alabama" and then Applicants apply online.
  • Click on continue button. 
  • Sign In page, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Create New Account". Teaching positions are listed as CERTIFIED, and Support positions are listed as CLASSIFIED. For Substitute Teacher positions, select “Classified.”  DO NOT click the Certified Substitute Box.

Once you complete your application, you may go to the Jobs tab as follows: 

  • Follow the previous directions and either:  Sign in on the applicant side in window and click on the "Job" tab OR click on the type of job under "View Available Jobs".
  • Click on "Search by District".
  • Click on School Board District 8 (near the bottom of the list)
  • Click on Huntsville City.  Jobs will be listed on this next screen. 
  • Locate the Substitute advertisement.
  • Click on "Click Here to Login and Apply".
  • Follow directions as applicable.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am already a substitute teacher with Huntsville City Schools. Am I required to reapply? Huntsville City Schools is implementing an all-new hiring process. All substitutes must be hired through this new process.

When can I apply for a Substitute Teaching Position with Huntsville City Schools? Huntsville City Schools will accept applications for substitute teachers from April 15-May 15, 2013. Selections for the 2013-2014 academic year will be made from this pool of candidates. After that, applications may be accepted electronically, but they will not be reviewed or completed unless the needs of the district require additional hiring.

How will I find out if I have been selected as a Substitute Teacher? For those individuals who apply during the open hiring window (April 15-May 15 2013), selected candidates will be contacted by the Human Resources Department. We anticipate notifications to be made by the end of June 2013. Non-selects will also be notified.

What do I do once I have been notified of selection? Selected candidates will be asked to sign a commitment to teach at least 3 days per semester. They will also need to obtain their Alabama Substitute License and their background check as directed by the Human Resources Department. Additionally, Huntsville City Schools may require an orientation/training session prior to beginning substitute teaching.

What if I already have my Alabama Substitute License on file with Huntsville City Schools, but I am not selected? Alabama Substitute Licenses are valid statewide and may be used in other school systems. Huntsville City Schools will be happy to provide you with your original license if you are interested in applying to other school districts.

How do I find Substitute openings? Once you are selected and complete your necessary paperwork, Human Resources will enter you into AESOP. AESOP is the on-line system HCS uses to schedule substitute teaching positions. Additional information will be provided to you in the HCS Handbook for Substitute Teachers which will be provided to you.

Can I substitute at only certain schools or will I be required to substitute at all schools in Huntsville? You may specify certain schools where you are willing to substitute. That may be one specific school or it may be a specific level of school (example: elementary schools only). Remember that you are likely to have more substitute assignments to choose from if you are willing to substitute at more schools or at more levels.

Once I have made a designation of which schools I will go to, can that be changed? Yes, you can change your preferences in AESOP, the management tool you will use to search for substitute assignments.

Do I have to be able to substitute every day of the week to be on the substitute list? No, you have complete control over your schedule. Some of our best substitutes are taking continuing education on certain days of the week; some have other part-time jobs or family responsibilities on certain days. We are happy to have you substitute on whatever days fit your schedule. At a minimum, you must substitute three days per semester to remain an active substitute.

Substitute Removal: A principal may block a substitute from his/her school. If a substitute receives TWO requests from principals, directors of instruction, or the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent to be removed from schools, a letter will be sent from the Human Resources Department to notify the substitute they have been removed. Human Resources will remove the substitute from AESOP and principals will be notified the individual is ineligible to serve as a substitute for Huntsville City Schools.


Substitute Teacher Handbook





In accordance with the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"), the Huntsville City Board of Education will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities. For more information contact: Shirley.Wellington@hsv-k12.org.